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Carbon Reduction

Managing and reducing carbon is an important goal for both cooperatives and business customers. Obtain good ideas for carbon mitigation here.

Voluntary Climate Programs

Hundreds of U.S. companies are joining voluntary climate change programs and interest in these programs is growing. Many participants are taking moderate steps to reduce their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Read more, here.

    Responding to Climate Change Risk

Many companies are developing a greenhouse gas (GHG) mitigation strategy to prepare for imminent cap-and-trade legislation and capitalize on environmentally conscious consumers. Read more, here.
Responding to Climate Change Risk II

Regulations on carbon dioxide emissions are in place or in development in many countries and at the state level in the U.S. Companies are facing increasing pressure from shareholder...Read more, here.
  Overachieving Gas Reductions
A handful of major corporations that set tough greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction goals just a few years ago have met their targets ahead of schedule. Read more, here. 

Carbon Reduction


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