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Power Supply

What is the outlook for the cost of power? What should you consider when signing a long-term power contract? Find the answers to your power supply questions here.

Buying Green Power

Although a green energy purchase should not be expected to pay for itself with a direct economic return, such an investment is not without its tangible efforts. Read more, here.


Gas or Electricity

Not that natural gas prices have risen, is natural gas still the most cost-effective fuel for commercial or industrial building energy applications? Read more, here.


Opportunities and Challenges of Procurement

For corporations that spend millions of dollars a year on electricity and natural gas, effective energy procurement operations are a desirable asset. The possibility exists to pay substantially higher price for short periods. Read more, here.


Outlook for Power and Gas Prices

Wholesale natural gas prices continue to move in a subdued range because of low demand and strong natural gas production and storage economics. Follow the trends and be ahead of the rest. Read more, here.



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