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Technology Applications

Sometimes you need to purchase a product or to install hardware to achieve optimal energy savings. Learn about the best technology applications here.

Backup Power Solutions

When power to your facility is interrupted, it can result in significant expenses, including lost product, restart costs for certain equipment, the cost of extended downtime, and lost production. Read more, here.


Cooling Technologies Update

Cooling and ventilating commercial and industrial facilities consumes a lot of energy. Look at two technologies that can reduce costs. Read more, here.


Curing and Drying Operation

Take a look at drying and curing operations to improve energy use, product quality, and overall productivity. Energy saving improvements can alleviate heating costs.Read more, here.


Evaporator Fan Controllers

Controllers can save 10 to 60 percent of overall refrigeration costs. Many businesses could benefit from the use of a controller. Read more, here.



Harmonics can cause sensitive equipment to malfunction and other problems, including overheating of transformers and wiring, nuisance breaker trips, and reduced power factor. Read more, here.


High Efficiency Rooftop Units

High efficiency rooftop units can yield quick, simple payback period that are often within two years and will offer energy savings. Read more, here.


LEDs: Commercial Application

LEDs are rapidly improving and becoming more common in commercial settings, including general illumination, refrigerated grocery cases and retail displays. Read more, here.


The Case for Submetering

When it comes to electrical submetering, information is not only power, it is also money, and can be a valuable tool for improving efficiency. Read more, here.

Performance Benchmarking


Benchmarking - tracking energy use and comparing the energy performance of several facilities - is a fundamental part of an energy manager's job.
Read more, here.


New Motors: Better Performance

High energy costs from motor-driven equipment can have a big impact on an industrial plant's energy budget.
Read more, here.


Photovoltaic Systems

There are a number of rebates, tax breaks, and other incentives that can substantially reduce the cost of installing a photovoltaic system.Read more, here.


Plug-In Electric Vehicles 

Nearly every automobile manufacturer is either in production, gearing up, or in the latter stages of development for commercial use. Read more, here.


Power Quality for Small Business

Losing critical computer data to a blackout or experiencing damage to process or medical equipment caused by a lighting strike are just two examples of needed power quality. Read more, here.


Photovoltaics for Facilities

Many businesses are attracted to PV systems because of their many energy saving benefits and electricity generation. Read more, here.


Building Automation Systems

By implementing Building Automation Systems, you can perform basic and effective functions to use energy more efficiently. Read more, here.


The Biodiesel Advantage

Biodiesel in trucks is by far the largest potential commercial and industrial application in the U.S. Read more, here.


The Future of Building Automation

Take a look at what 54 commercial facility managers said about their preferences and concerns for building automated controls. Read more, here.


Demand-Controlled Ventilation

Instead of continuously ventilating the space at a constant rate, operators can respond appropriately to save energy.
Read more, here.


Web Services for Building Automation

The introduction of web services for building automation systems enables uers to monitor building operations and respond when needed to save energy. Read more, here.


Are Smart Meters Good?

Smart meters are more than just meters, they're "computing consumer gateways for delivering energy services."
Read more, here.


New Lighting Technologies

Almost 40 percent of the electricity used in commercial facilities in the U.S. goes toward lighting, which greatly impacts the work environment.
Read more, here.


Wireless Building Automation

Although system components are still significantly costlier than those for wired systems, it can save noticeable energy. Read more, here.


Heat Pumps?

Escalating gas prices and advancements in electric heat pump have expanded the opportunities for this technology. Read more, here.



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