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Elevators & escalators

Escalators and Moving Walkways

Escalators and moving walkways are common fixtures in a wide range of buildings including offices, malls, and airports, and they consume large amounts of energy. Technologies are available that can reduce escalator energy use, many of which are prominent in Europe and Asia and have yet to be implemented in the United States. The Airport Cooperative Research Program (ACRP) published a report titled Airport Escalators and Moving Walkways—Cost-Savings and Energy Reduction Technologies. Though its research is specific to airport applications, the findings are largely applicable to escalators…


Premium-efficiency elevators have entered the market, featuring improved controls, hardware, and other systems that use less energy, are more compact, and even generate their own electricity. However, although significant energy savings are possible with premium-efficiency elevator systems, when compared with conventional systems the added costs remain too high to justify installing premium-efficiency systems for energy savings alone. Simple payback periods can range from 20 to more than 200 years. Nevertheless, premium-efficiency elevators offer many non-energy benefits that building owners m…

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